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Скачать ява сервер Lineage2 Interlude от команды acis - ревизия 229

Добавил: volond1 в Java сборки, Lineage 2 11 февраля 2012

Скачать ява сервер Lineage2 Interlude от команды acis - ревизия 229


Разработчик: acis
Хроники: Interlude
Платформа: Java
Совместимость: LinuxWindows
Описание: Очередная сборка от команды acis, последняя

Quests and minor fixes - ty to the numerous contributors
- addition of Q298, Q317, Q368, Q370 && Q432;
- fix a couple of existing quests (correct solo => party quest statut, and deletion of useless checks).
- addition of a missing NPC spawn.
- correction of an HTM.
- 2 items fixed.
I must apologize about current project's progression. I played a lot those days.
I got an Othel rogue lvl 86 40% (with 3 subclasses, 75 HE / 75 ES / 65 Pal) on Core server, so don't search where was gone my time...
- Q124, Q299, Q300, Q328, Q352, Q353, Q355 && Q366.

- If you made one of those quests, please READ and ANALYZE the differences between your old share (they are kept in Archives section, you normally got access) and the current rewrite. From looking differences, you can learn what I dislike as typo, what, why and how I corrected.
- I would like to repeat, as Inner Circle you got access to some internal infos, such as L2OFF HTMs. Use it !
- And ofc, read a walkthrough of concerned quest when you code the quest. The reward formula is one thing, the complete walkthrough is another
AbstractNpcInfo, polymorph, summons/pets, quests, misc.

Implementation of AbstractNpcInfo
- SummonInfo, PolyInfo and NpcInfo share the same Abstract layer.
- CharInfo code about polymorph is cleaned. All is made with knownlist.
- Addition of a config to on/off NPC crests (when a clan own castle linked to a town). Ty SweeTs for inspiration.

- drop of 3 admincommands (polyself).
- polymorph commands work by default on yourself if no target is found.
- addition of success messages on command uses.

Summons / pets
- Addition of a config to on/off owner's clan crest on summons.
- Fix titles : summons (blue color) and pets (green color).
- Fix team circle (duel), karma and pvp flag (summons color name, based on owner's).

- Addition of broadcastNpcSay(String) in L2Npc, and fix all uses for that new method.
- Drop of setKarmaFlag(int) and broadcastTitleInfo().
- Addition of 2 quests (2/5 FoD quests made) : Q021 && Q022.
- Addition of retail chat windows for Mysterious Wizard (located near spawn of FoD).
- Addition of minions infos for 2 mobs in FoD.
- L2CharTemplate rework (private variables, public getters).
Henna rework, ty xblx for the good work.
- XMLization of hennas ; 3 SQLs are dropped and their infos are written in a unique file : henna.xml.
- fix an issue with Human Mage class (class n°10), which could wear dyes - but shouldn't be able.

Пароль: 100nt.ru
Скачать ява сервер Lineage2 Interlude от команды acis - ревизия 229 http://depositfiles.com/files/7in4y6sj2
Скачать ява сервер Lineage2 Interlude от команды acis - ревизия 229 http://turbobit.net/ocfzskzib1x9.html

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